週刊 スター・ウォーズ ミレニアム・ファルコン

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“銀河系最速のガラクタ” ミレニアム・ファルコンを作る!!



※This movie is Taiwanese version, the price is not same as Malaysia version
※Please kindly be informed that actual book is available only in Traditional Chinese version.

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※The model’s look, colour and features may be subject to change.
※No overseas shipping.
※Pictures here are only for reference.

映画撮影用模型を1 / 1スケールで精巧に再現したミレニアム・ファルコン


Time: ABY3
(The Empire Strikes Back)
Weight: Approx.7.5kg
Length: 808mm
Width: 596mm
Height: 192mm
可動パーツ 船内細部 ワーキングライト効果 コクピット

※The model in the picture is just a sample. The colour, shape and specs of the components may differ from actual products.
※This product is recommended for those age 14 and above. It is not a kid’s toy.

Intricately recreating the prop
used in The Empire Strikes Back

The model intricately recreates the look of the Millennium Falcon you see on the big screen, and the sub-light drive at the back of the spaceship and various lighting devices all have lighting effects. The landing gear and boarding ramp at the bottom of the ship are movable, and can be released or retracted using an electric device. Moreover, this Millennium Falcon model also features the unique design of removable upper panels, allowing you to have a full view of the cockpit interior, mechanical station, the main cabin which is equipped with a holographic table, and the hidden compartments that Han Solo used to hide the contraband.

『帝国の逆襲』 撮影用モデルを精巧に再現

The magazine also introduces the special effects studio ILM (Industrial Light & Magic), which was involved in the production of Star Wars. We will take our readers through all the behind-the-scenes work with regard to the making of Star Wars, including the props, sets, and lots of precious behind-the-scenes moments.


Apart from all the unforgettable adventures, the magazine also introduces the main spaceships and space carriers that roam the galaxy, e.g. the X-Wing Starfighter, TIE fighter, Slave I, Star Destroyer and Death Star, etc. With exciting brief mission introduction and the appearance of characters, we explore the capabilities of each type of spaceship and their stories.


The magazine introduces spaceships that appear in the Star Wars world, such as the Kuat Drive Yards and Koensayr, as well as arms producers and their technologies. We analyse the secrets of flying in space by looking at the technology of antigravity and hyperdrive, the use of high-tech materials, and the technology used in real fighter jets.


From the perspective of the pilot of the Millennium Falcon, the most iconic spaceship of the galaxy, we take you on a journey through the Star Wars world. The location of the planets, their terrains, histories, main habitants, resources and major attractions are all detailed in the magazine, leaving behind no planets that the Millennium Falcon has ever visited. We also included all kinds of hidden knowledge from the scenes in the movie.


組み立て手順を易しく解説 組み立てガイド

Step by step comprehensive instructions of how to assemble the components that come with each issue. Each hull part is made with materials that faithfully recreates the look of the original prop, even a beginner can put them together with ease. The magazine also includes information on how to create wear marks from battles, scratches, damages or other details that the more advanced players would like to add.

組み立て手順を易しく解説 組み立てガイド

Check out English assembly guide here!


All the components that come with each issue are made of metal and plastic. As long as you follow the assembly guide, anyone can put the parts together without the need for adhesives. The hull parts are all pre-painted to faithfully recreate the rustic look of “The fastest hunk of metal in the galaxy!”

All the hull parts are pre-painted to look like the original movie prop

Although the hull parts for the Millennium Falcon are pre-painted to look almost like the real movie prop, you can add wear marks or damages to you liking, adding personal style to the model.

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※The model’s look, colour and features may be subject to change.
※No overseas shipping.
※Pictures here are only for reference.

送料無料 一括払い不要 途中解約可能 定期購読を今すぐお申し込み